⚠️ Warning: Deceptive Practices & Shameful Conduct by Elementor ⚠️

Hello everyone,

I once believed Elementor to be a trustworthy tool, but my recent experiences have completely shattered that perception. I’ve decided to share my ordeal here in hopes of saving some of you from falling into the same trap.

1. **Auto-Renewal Deception**: When initially signing up, they didn’t explicitly inform me about the auto-renewal. Had I known, I would’ve opted out immediately.
2. **Insufficient Renewal Notices**: They sent the renewal reminder just once, a whole month in advance. Such a method is easily overlooked by most users.
3. **Spam Mail Strategy**: Their reminder got flagged as spam. Though they claim I opened it on a specific date, it doesn’t mean I acknowledged its content.
4. **Misleading User Agreement**: Their so-called “30-day refund” is actually a “conditional refund”. Isn’t such misleading wording a bit too much?
5. **Refusal of Justifiable Refunds**: For users like me, they use “fine print” to deny refund requests. Seriously, all over 50 dollars.
6. **Deception of Target Users**: Considering their primary audience is website developers, this behavior is even more appalling.
7. **Ignoring User Activity**: I haven’t been using WordPress and Elementor since April, implying no need for a renewal. They simply didn’t care.

To top it off, when I tried reaching out via email to address the issue, they had the audacity to reject my mail. The company’s actions truly boggle the mind.

I urge everyone to be cautious when opting for products and services, and to steer clear of such deceptive companies. If you’ve had a similar experience, please share it here to shed light on the truth.



[A final reply from their customer service team leader](https://preview.redd.it/4tcgo4sr6znb1.png?width=885&format=png&auto=webp&s=d0a94faea4af33d87fb822aadfda5f7abe63c07f)


[My reply was rejected again](https://preview.redd.it/jqjgv77k6znb1.png?width=723&format=png&auto=webp&s=abf71f2b2bfd84b017e17bfeac3f009b8616b15c)



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