0% catalogue match rate GTM

If this has frustrated you as much as it did me, here’s a basically definitive solution (if you’ve done everything “right”) that no one’s really talking about

– Make sure have turned off event setup so you can track events using the codes you’ve set up on GTM. Otherwise it’s ignored in favour of the tool (you can’t add content ids you need to events from event setup)

– If you’re having content_ids don’t match because the plugin appends and adds sku_ to your content id in the catalogue causing events not to match, check your tag’s object properties and *remove* content_ids from your FB conversions. The plugin will automatically generate one so it’ll match

– If match is still 0% add product_catalog_id to your object properties for all FB conversion tags. Add as a constant data layer variable. Catalog id number is found in your catalog setting


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