2024 Theme – Mobile (overlay/modal) Menu Width?

Hi all,
My Search-Fu is apparently failing me lately…

Is there a quick and easy (preferably GUI-based) way to make the Twenty-Twenty-Four theme’s mobile overlay/modal Menu NOT be full-width?

I’d like to have behave more sidebar-menu (width = 75% or 75vw), if possible. I’m actually quite happy with 2024 theme/FSE otherwise once I “got” what it was trying to do…

I’ve found some Snippets for controlling height/scroll ability, but I’d prefer not to have to add using Code Snippets/Child Theme functions.php if I can avoid (documentation/long term supportability after I’m gone).

Alternatively, can someone recommend a *FREE, FSE-enabled* Theme very close to 2024, but with a little more control/GUI functionality for modal menu appearance, adding additional color palettes/style sheets (vs modifying premade ones).

Thanks in advance!


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