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Hi there,

any change of accessing your php logs (e.g. ask your hoster)? Seems like a loop to me. Are you able to reproduce the issue in an isolated environment to see whether some other extension causes the issue?


The php log does not show any entries which could possibly be related to this issue.

I did replicate the issue on my staging environment and after deactivating all extensions/plugins and re-activating them one by one, I did not experience any issues until Germanized was activated (as the last of them).

I have the same issue. I have no problems with 3.16.8 at one of my websites. I have this issue with 3.16.8 with another one of my websites. Both have different Hosts. At first I thought it was a issue with the host. The host told me that they don’t see any errors in their logs.

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Okay, I did some additional testing and I figured out that 3.16.8 is actually working fine as long as I keep the official WC Amazon Pay plugin deactivated. As soon as I activate it, I get the 503 when trying to go to cart/checkout.

3.16.7 works fine with Amazon Pay Plugin (2.5.1).

So something in 3.16.8 must have broken compatibility with the Amazon Pay plugin.

@olaf23 / @networka : Do you also use the Amazon Pay plugin?

@jackennilsen. Yes, I do. The other website does not have the amazon plugin. This website has no issues. The website with the amazon plugin has got a broken at to cart issue.

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Thank you for confirming Olaf!

Hi there,

thanks for debugging. I was able to reproduce the issue locally and just released 3.16.9 which fixes the issue. Thanks for your help 🙂


Thank you very much Dennis! Excellent support – even on a Sunday. 🙂


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