3 WordPress sites on same server using same theme but one is 6x slower than others (ping/keyword search)

I would really appreciate some suggestions on how to troubleshoot this site speed discrepancy…

I have 3 different WordPress sites – one for work; two for photography. All use the Avada theme. All hosted on MDDhosting with their Plaid Elastic 4 plan (shared with 4 core CPU, 4gb memory, 2 TB bandwidth, 25gb NVMe disk space). The oldest and largest site has been in existence since 2010. The others came on within a few years of that. I’ve always known that the biggest site (W) was slower than the other photography site (O) and the work one (A) based on GTmetrix, etc.

I recently had home internet issues and found a program called Uptime Kuma to monitor my network from my Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi. As part of that, i connected to each website via ping and keyword searches. The big site (W) pings at 1884ms with keyword searches (make sure text on page even if site/server down but pingable) are the same 1877ms. Both O and A ping at 377 to 459 ms.

W uses 8gb of server disk space due to years of uploading photos in various resolutions and switching how I sell images with plugins likely jamming up the space.

A uses 3.3gb but most of that is email use; O uses 1.7gb

I tried to disable all plugins on W and got as low as 700ms at one point with that move.

Also tried to match all settings in Avada Options between O and W but that made no difference.

I have since moved the bulk of my forward facing site to PhotoDeck which is very fast and have a redirect on W to move to the PhotoDeck homepage. I still maintain W for WordPress use for individual products as well as my old blog posts.

Again, if anyone has suggestions on how to find the culprit for the slow ping, I would greatly appreciate it.


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