Add GiveWP cookies to cookiedatabase?

Hello. First of all: thank you for this great plugin.

This is not a support question.

I would like to know how to add GiveWP cookies to

GiveWP usually adds two cookies when a donation is made: wp-give_session_* and wp-give_session_reset_nonce_*

GiveWP starts a session on a new donation. It saves a cookie in the browser to validate that session. This allows for securely displaying donation data (regarding only this donation) to this browser, regardless of whether they are a WordPress user, or are logged in. More info here.

By default, a GiveWP PHP session lasts one week. This timespan can be modified by the website admin on the Settings page at Donations > Settings > General (tab) > Access Control (section) and can be set to 24hrs, 48hrs, 72hrs and 1 week. More info here.

I believe it would be useful to have those two cookies recognized and described by Complianza, giving the fact that both your plugin and GiveWP are very widely used.

@matheusfd @givewp please feel free to jump in if I wrote something inaccurate/wrong.

Thank you.


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