Adding a Double Layered Search Bar to my Site

I need 2 x drop down search lists which contain 20 fields in one, and then 10 in the one next to it.

So for example, I want to search for a “house, flat, apartment, widget” (20 options)
“Paris, London, New York” (10 options)

Then hit SEARCH

The result redirects me to the relevant one of my 200 (20×10) pages based on the combination.

Does anyone know if there is a plug-in or simple way of making this happen?

Also if there is a JSfiddle perhaps (but I haven’t found it yet).

EDIT: it’s fine if the second stage / box was where you type the word in the search box and it kind of auto fills with the place you are looking for – I could work with that, may be even better.


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