Adding push notifications to my blog, bad idea?

I recently started a small personal finance blog, mainly writing stuff related to people in my country, and the only thing that keeps me motivated is someone reads them, so I don’t feel like I’m writing to ghost, this lead me to look for some solution for readers retention.

I have setup a newsletter with MailPoet and have it send a new post notification via email, but I’m also thinking if I should add push notifications with OneSignal, not sure if this would ruin the experience of my blog, making it look spammy, because it seems like a spammy blog that filled with tons of paid post paid ads send 10 20s push notification a day if you accidentally click the allow notification button.

Should I add push notifications for my blog or just stick with the newsletter alone?

1 Comment
  1. Just stick with the newsletter. It’d take an immense amount of trust for someone to want to receive push notifications.


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