Advice creating a wordpress website where I am the seller, I receive stock from others and they would require access to a portal outlining what they have sold and how much they can be paid out

Hi, I am looking to create a WordPress based website which I would get stock from ‘suppliers’. I will then list and sell the stock on the WordPress website but the ‘suppliers’ would then have individual accounts which they can log into to see there stock (but not alter anything on the listing), to see if the stock has sold and to either receive credits to spend on my site or to get a ‘payout’. The payout ideally would be automatic I.e. they would apply and at a push of a few buttons money would be transferred into their account but I understand with no-code my options are limited – this may mean the only option for seller payout is for them to ‘apply’ and for me to manually accept, calculate and payout.

I have no code experience (and at this stage, just looking to get the site built and working so not wanting to have to alter code currently).

I have looked into multivendor marketplace plugins/themes but I do not want the ‘sellers’ to have access to edit the listings.

I am looking for advice or suggestions on suitable wprdpress themes and/or plugin/s to get which would achieve the above. Thanks!


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