Advice for Elementor to Breakdance

Hey guys. I’ve started to get sick of elementor recently and am planning to make the switch to Breakdance.
I’ve tried Breakdance a few times with a few things that i couldn’t do with elementor and they worked and worked well. I find Breakdance alot faster & feel like i can do much more with less plugins which is wonderful.

I wanted to get your advice on a few things before fully switching all sites to Breakdance (3 client sites).
1. Should i look out for anything before or after making the switch?
2. I’m planning to rebuild them all, to which hopefully is an easy process and doesn’t take too long, do you have advice on how to speed up this process?
3. Should i install breakdance on the current website, domain etc. then add new pages and build the website but not publish them until im ready to remove the elementor plugin then publish the pages? So basically having 2 different page builders installed at the same time, building the pages, then deleting old plugin and elementor built pages once i’m done. I feel like there’s a much cleaner & better way to do this?

Thanks for any advice!


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