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I would love to hear your thoughts and feedbacks.

I’ve news website with Blocksy theme as the main theme and a static page designed with content view plugin (I’ve also used Gutenberg [PostX] plugin), a very simple and minimalist design.
– The website is hosted on Bluehost and I’ve just linked it with Cloudflare CDN (today).

The problem I’m facing is with performance especially on mobile, It’s below 60 and below 80 on desktop.

The problems I’m facing according to Pagespeed are the following:

– Third party JS (Google Tag and AdSense; I’ve no idea how those two came into existing when I’ve never used Google Tag manager or AdSense).
– JavaScript execution time (1.3S)
– (Minimize) main thread work (4.4S)
– Largest contentful pain element (3.79MS)
– Unused CSS and JS scripts
– Lazy font loading
… And other issues regarding the performance.

I searched on Google about the best caching plugins, I tried LiteSC, WP optimize and Autoptomize and none of them seem to improve the performance.
I’m confused and frustrated, I feel like I’m putting too much effort on website design than to writing content and SEO.

What do you suggest? What is the best (free or freemuim) caching plugins that I can use to fix the aforementioned issues? I want to improve the website performance to at least 85 or 90, it’s more than enough for me.

Note: I believe it’s worth mentioning that the website performance on GTMETRIX is 100% and all green colored.

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