Advice for tiny or Elementor

Hello and thanks in advance for your help and kind advice. I am a very tiny company just forming in France. I have made several web sites using []( with Elementor. These are blogs and no e-commerce are on them. I have found Elementor to be satisfactory for my needs there. I had a Shopify site previously and it was pretty easy for me to set it up and connect to my inventory software but I don’t like the idea of being married to them. I can say I have used code, but I am absolutely not proficient and lack the knowledge to do so. I want a multilingual site that is French language dominant. E-commerce will need to be a component. I will be selling products that will be each be available with a few (not a lot of) options. All this to say I have some familiarity with making web sites the “easy” way. From reading through this sub, it seems like my best choice would be to use [](, buy a theme, use the elementor and woocommerce plug-ins rather than use []( with the elementor plug-in. Should someone like myself with only a cursory knowledge of coding be afraid to do this? As I said, I am a tiny company and of course money is a consideration. With very few visitors to start, it would be hard to justify spending a lot of money on it to start. It is my intention to grow this company and I would like to start off with something that can grow with it. I would appreciate guidance in how to approach this project realistically. Perhaps someone could direct me to a step by step solution?


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