Am i screwed ?

I was updating a company’s wordpress site and transferring it to a new hosting provider (hostinger)

The first step was updating the website, after i completed that i used WPvivid to create a backup of the site, and i went to hostinger to restore it

I’ve been trying the whole day to make it work and it always gets suck at 66% or 83%, and the problem is that the old website is gone, i told them they can turn off the old hosting because i expected WPvivid to work like it usually does and the transfer would work fine

But now the old website is gone and i cant restore the backup files in the new one

I’d really appreciate some help if possible

  1. Maybe you can manually transfer the backupfile via ftp? and then use the plugin to migrate

    Otherwise ur f-ed.

  2. Not familiar with WPvivid, but I’d try to set it up on a local environment (using WAMP/MAMP/whatever you prefer).

    If you can make it work like this it means the backup itself is probably not the problem. You can then try other methods or pinpoint what’s preventing it from working on the new server (like some PHP settings limiting memory or execution time)

  3. You’ve created the backup and have the full wpvivid archive?
    You’re stuck at extracting the files?
    Check the php limits. It’s possible that you need to increase memory limit or execution time.
    Another way would be to try and manually extract the files, locate the database and import it via phpmyadmin

  4. hostinger has a low PHP Memory setting on shared plans. Ask them to increase it at least temporarily if you dont have access in your control panel and you are unable to increase it in your wp-config.php


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