Any experiences of WP Rocket with a directory website?

As above, built a directory website which is a bit sluggish and have been indecisive about whether to pay for and try WP Rocket.

Do have the SiteGround speed optimiser on currently but in all honestly this appears to be making very little difference.

  1. It’s brilliant in my experience, very easy to use and makes a real difference to page score. I run a directory site, knocked my pagespeed score up from low 80s to 94-97 consistently.

    I tried NitroPack and a few others things to speed up my site, but I’d say WP rocket was the best and didn’t break anything, which is a nice touch.

  2. As I know SiteGround has their own plugin for speed optimization. Try their plugin because using their plugin you will get better resultthan WP Rocket


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