Any way to connect to google contacts when making a user from registration form?

Hi all,

I’m building a website where people should be able to register and become a member to see certain posts/content. They also need their own profile and way to edit it. There’s a list of data they need to enter in the registration form before they’re allowed to be a member.
I’m doing this with Ultimate member at the moment and it works fine for what I need.
However my client asked me if it’s possible to add the users when they register to their google contacts list automatically.

Now I did find how to do this with Zapier but ran into a problem. I can’t seem to pick the data from Ultimate member from the wordpress user and add it to the google contacts data. I only get the basic user data (which makes sense).

Does anyone know a way to do this, how I can access the data from my user info? Preferably with a free option, I’m doing this for a small non profit for free.

thanks already!


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