Any way to redirect file uploads to a storage bucket ? Such as aws /cloudlfare ?

Now, I am sure this is possible with custom code.
But are there any solutions from maybe Form plugin providers such as Gravity or Formidable for let’s say when a user uploads a file.
The file is intercepted and instead of being stored locally, we redirect to one of those providers ?

The only reason, why I am reluctant to custom code it, because I will need to account for error handling and security and many other things and just trying to see if there is always such a solution available ?

The Use Case in this situation, is for people to upload their resumes. I am sure at the beginning this should be fine, but as you scale, I fear performance and hitting size limits eventually.

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  1. Gravity Forms has various add-ons that enable this for Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

    I’m sure the other ‘premium’ form builders offer the same.


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