Are there any social sharing plugins that share to Instagram?

New to website building, it’s my first time… seems that all social sharing plugins have everything BUT Instagram. Can someone explain why? And if there’s other options to share posts to Insta that I’m missing?

  1. Alright so to start we have to understand what instagram is and what actions we can take on it, then it makes sense why we cant share to it.
    So instagram allows logged in users to make posts (these appear on the users main account) or stories (these appear to a users friends for 24 hours), or reels (these are public viral videos like tiktoks).
    So to “share” something to instagram, would require you to make one of these actions above.
    When you share to twitter or facebook, its easy to post a url to your feed and we can scrape some data from that url like the image and the title. But theres not really a good place to share that same url on the Instagram platform.
    So long story short, sharing to instagram would require you to create a new post on a users account and that generally cant be done just by url, so theres not really a share to instagram option.

  2. I suspect Instagram doesn’t provide a sharing URL like the other platforms.

    AFAIK, you can post to Instagram from scheduling apps, like e.g. Buffer, but that uses the Instagram API and not sharing links.


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