Asian spam links in my noindexed section of Google Console

I just noticed Chinese (I think) characters in my noindexed URLs section increasing the not indexed URLs on one of my sites by thousands (60K or so). I can’t tell how or where they’re coming from. It’s URLs like this:


Anyone have any experience with this? I believe it’s affecting my search results as they have declined since they have increased. I stumbled across [this article]( saying they shouldn’t affect it as long as they have the noindex tag but I’m thinking the sheer volume of them may be the reason for my site declining (although it could be the new Google update).

I also found [this post on Yoast]( with more info and took advantage of some settings in the Yoast plugin (in the Internal site search cleanup section) to hopefully solve the issue although I don’t quite know for sure if it will.

  1. Hello. My website is suffering from a similar attack to yours, and I already have over 100 million of these malicious backlinks.

    I’ll explain what I know about this attack, although it may be slightly different in your case.

    These attacks consist of posting links to websites or forums. It’s possible that your site has been hacked, but it’s unlikely.

    Check out this site and you’ll see how the attack works. [](

    In conclusion, there’s nothing you can do about this yourself except to set your /?s= pages to noindex.

    Or you can contact the administrators of those websites and ask them to do something about it, but most of those sites are dead, so that won’t work either.

    It’s been a year since I was hit, and my site continues to lose traffic. Google says it’s not a problem, but I don’t trust them either.

  2. Probably the Google update. Not related to SEO but if you’re getting too much traffic, you could change it to ‘search’ and block anyone querying ‘s’.


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