Autolock feature: advanced locking rules

Dear Support,

We have 3 private pilates classes: private 1 person, private 2 persons, private 3 persons. When one of them gets booked, we want the group pilates class to autolock. The autolock works great for this rule.

However, the group pilates class has a few extra requirements;

The group pilates class are booked by separate individuals while the private classes are booked by 1 individual. The group pilates class can be booked by a maximum of 3 separate individuals. The maximum setting also works.

The rule we want to add, is that when an individual books a group pilates class, ALL of the private classes autolock BUT 2 more individuals should be able to book a spot for the group class. So, we want the autolock to have a two-way rule:
A. When 1 of the privates gets booked, the group class should autolock
B. When 1 spot for the group class gets booked, ALL the private should autolock BUT the group classes should remain available until the maximum spots has been reached.

To try this, we added all the private classes AND the group classes to the autolock settings. But then when 1 spot is booked for the group classes, the entire group class becomes unavailable while there’s still 2 spots to fill. Can you help us?

The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]


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