Automated, customized monthly maintenance emails…

Does anyone know if there is a plugin or easy way to accomplish this?

Our company maintains over 150 websites and each month we ensure all plugins, themes, etc. are updated. Is there any way to send out an automated email to clients at the end of each month that breaks down what was updated in the last month, maybe include some analytics information such as number of site visits? Or to at least trigger this kind of email with the click of a button? Just so they have an idea that something is happening on their website and it isn’t just sitting on our servers.


  1. Maybe you can sort something out with WP Activity log. The plugin records all important changes and events in a website and maybe you can set it up to record plugin and theme updates.

    As for the statistics, WP Statistics sends emails periodically.

    However, if you want something customized you’ll probably need to code it by yourselves

  2. I’ve seen a lot of people mentioning ManageWP out MainWP, but never InfiniteWP. I love using it for simple reason that I self host it, meaning I don’t give access to third party.

    Plus on paid version you get automatic reports and whitelabel client plugin.

  3. Blog vault does this. This is what I use for redundant backups, malware scanning etc. But also provides automated reporting for clients as well.


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