Automating subscriptions.

Total newbie here. So please go easy on me

I want to allow visitors of my blog to enter their email address to receive updates whenever a new post is. posted. I set up a form using the plugin WP forms. and it sends me an email with the person’s address, but I don’t want to have to handle sending out the notifications when there’s a new post. Is there some way to totally automate this where the person just enters his email and WordPress sends him an update when I put up something new Or maybe I need to plug in?

Thank you and have a good day!

Susan Flamingo

  1. Hi Susan, Welcome to the WordPress World.

    To automate email updates, you’ll need a plugin that integrates with WPforms like:

    * MailPoet
    * Subscribe2

    Follow these steps to have them integrated:

    1. Install and activate a plugin
    2. Connect it with your WP Forms form
    3. Configure automatic post notifications
    4. Add a subscription form to your blog

    Once set up, subscribers will receive automatic updates when you publish a new post!


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