Bad request error since newest update

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What is the exact version number of your MC4WP plugin?

Thanks for letting me know.

Right that would probably help..
Version 4.8.9 on a 6.0.2 wordpress
Thanks for the quick response!

Hi @antoninlr,

Is that the complete message from your debug log? If not, could you please include the full request body from the debug log so that we can see what IP value the plugin was trying to send to Mailchimp?

Here is the complete message:

[2022-09-15 09:36:03] ERROR: Contact Form 7 > Mailchimp API Error: Bad Request. Invalid Resource. The resource submitted could not be validated.
- ip_signup : This value should be of type string.
400 Bad Request
{"type":"","title":"Invalid Resource","status":400,"detail":"The resource submitted could not be validated. For field-specific details, see the 'errors' array.","instance":"d05fd2ab-5aef-1f58-8e6e-0bd7af34a27d","errors":[{"field":"ip_signup","message":"This value should be of type string."}]}

Thank you @antoninlr,

If you update to version 4.8.10 (just released) then this should be fixed.


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