Beginner help

Hello everyone, I need help because I’m new on wordpress

I would like to create a website for my affiliate marketing project and I installed “Generate Press” theme. However, I’m having some problems in making my homepage.

* Should I use Gutenberg editor, or Classic Editor plug in?
* Do you have any specific course / tutorial / guide where I can learn how to create a cool design?
* Which are the “must have” plug ins?

Tysm for the help and if you have any other piece of advice please let me know

  1. My tip: figure out what kind of designs appeal to you by looking at other sites, get inspiration from them and then try to recreate the elements in the style that you like. “Learning by doing” is my favorite type of course.

    Have a look at popular Gutenberg block collections, e.g. Kadence Blocks, Greenshift or GenerateBlocks.

    Basically, your designs will boil down to containers/boxes (divs and sections), and texts + images inside those boxes. No rocket science.

    Must-haves: a security plugin (e.g. Wordfence), backup plugin (e.g. Updraft).

    I always recommend installing a child theme. It takes only a moment, and may only have benefits.

  2. GeneratePress the theme comes with a GeneratePress plugin containing a bunch of useful Gutenberg blocks for layout stuff Tom Usborne, their author, is all about his users making great lightweight sites with Gutenberg. So use the Gutenberg editor, not the classic editor, with that theme.

    You will need an SEO plugin to help organize the way your site presents itself to Google, Bing, and other search engines. There are several. RankMath?

    You may or may not need a backup plugin, depending on whether your hosting company provides that service.

    The rest you can figure out as you go. It’s worth your time to peruse the catalog of popular ones, so you know what they can do for you.


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