Best All Around Custom Theme

Hey all.

I currently want to develop my own custom theme and I’ve been wondering which theme is best to start from? What I want is to have this theme as base for every potential project site in the future. Most of the websites I am making are relatively simple in terms of data, pages etc since most will just be ‘presentation’ sites with some rare cases of developing an eshop here and there.

So which is the fastest, hassle free and maintainable theme out there? I’ve been looking into Underscores, Understrap and Sage.

Any advice appreciated thx.

  1. “Best” is extremely subjective – everyone has their own favourite, for various reasons – which is why we don’t allow this question here – because it goes nowhere. The best is one that makes it easy for you to get the job done and deliver a good, performant website.

  2. We use Sage for all out sites. We love it but it felt it was a LOT of work to set it up as out starter template.

    You could also look at Flynt . I would suggest building a test project before you start making your own starter theme based of something. 

  3. Kadence has been popular for ppl looking to adopt Gutenberg. I think using a theme with a Gutenberg integration is the way to go at this point instead of a 3rd party page builder


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