Best free/cheap calendar plugin? (easiest to style and integrate)

I told a client I’d see what I could find, since this task was added well after discovery. I’m hoping for something that isn’t too much of a pain in the ass to style or maintain, because the theme is (was) almost ready to ship. I don’t have time to really build it or do a full customization, so I’m hoping for something that’s fairly painless to integrate, and I’d rather not have to deal with spaghetti every time this client makes me work on the calendar (sigh).

I included the image to see if there are any of these that you all might have used and didn’t hate.

(Alternatively: I’ve searched up best-of lists on sites like wp-beginner etc. but they are all just ads disguised as content. Anyone know of a good source for plugin reviews etc. that’s not bloated advertising crap? I’d be happy to do my own research if I didn’t have to sift through junk).


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