Best practice for content expiration?

Hi, I’m working on a local business community site which will have member news with a shelf life and I’m not sure the best way to have the content appear and expire.

For example: a florist or hardware store has several items on sale for the month of June.

I can create a post with the sale information and in the wordpress editor schedule the post to appear June 1.

I guess there is no way in core to set an unpublish or expiration date when creating a post so I’d need a plugin?

And what is the best way to handle the content after the end of the sale? Delete the post or replace it with something like “This sale has ended?”


  1. Are you using Woocommerce for the actual sales?

    With woo, you can set products to run out of stock after a certain date. This will in turn hide the add to cart button

  2. So I’m thinking my options are 1) use an expiration plugin to delete the post from public view (which would lead to 404 errors I guess?) 2) have the content replaced with “This offer has expired.” 3) have a single post and each month replace the sale information with the new stuff and change the publish date so it moves up as a new post. This would be a hassle because it would have to be done at the first of the month rather than in advance and scheduled.


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