Best resources for a current web dev moving to a more professional “WP developer” level?

Basically as it says in the title – I’m currently a web developer who’s experienced in front-end (JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery, etc.). I’ve dabbled in WordPress for years with multiple personal websites & have contracted for companies wanting me to fix or update their existing WP sites, but recently a WP developer role has opened up at a company I’ve really wanted to work for, and I’ve made it a few interviews in for the position.

I really enjoy WordPress, and I know a fair bit about WP basics and web development in general, but I’d like to prepare myself a bit more for the nitty-gritty of the WP backend.

Are there any good resources out there for experienced developers looking to get a handle on more WP-specific concepts, like plugin troubleshooting and theme development? Or should I just start with the more “basic” how-to resources and work my way up from scratch?

  1. One of the big challenges with wordpress development is that there are tons of ways to solve the same problem and really every dev/agency/team has is own unique style to go about wordpress development. Especially when it comes to the question of “how to build pages”.

    Nontheless there are some basic concepts that are somewhat unique to wordpress that should be understood by everybody, which can be learned through A looking at those in the WordPress Codex, B checking out decent themes and plugins, C building stuff. and learning on the fly.

    For example correctly using hooks and filters and how they can be implemented will help you a lot.

    Then there is this new mountain of Blocks and Javascript which could be somewhat important depending on how the company works and also is probably a good usp for you personally if you got that down, but it’s challenging because the concept imo is a little bit weird.


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