Best staging plugin for a local to cloud workflow?


Wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a good plugin for creating a staging workflow with a local development environment and a cloud production server.

I know there’s LocalWP but (quite possibly because of my platform – Fedora Linux) deployment is giving me lots of headaches, although it’s great for spinning up a dev environment.

Are there any plugins that are kind of optimised for this kind of workflow very specifically


  1. Any good backup plugin will do the trick. I use Duplicator. You’ll have to create only database on the production server, and simple update Duplicator’s created installer.php and zip to server. Than you access your server http://mysite.tld/installer.php and follow the screens. Simple.

  2. I am developing locally with WordPress running inside Docker. From there, I deploy to my hoster using some simple shell scripts copying the data via scp, and the database via wpcli. I am happy to share the scripts, if interested.


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