Best theme with visual builder + WooCommerce?

A client has requested I build an e-commerce wordpress site using a visual builder. Everything I’ve read suggests not using a visual builder, but the client insists so staff can edit.

I’ve built sites using a visual builder in X Theme Pro which I found to be pretty easy, but never with WooCommerce. I should mention I’m not a web developer (more UI design) but I’m decent at figuring things out and have built 15-20 WP sites over the years. I looked at a comparable project using HelloElementor but oh my the plugins look like a mess.

**Does anyone recommend a visual builder theme that works well with WooCommerce?**

Appreciate the feedback – there are posts about this topic but they are a bit dated.

  1. Don’t listen to the client, they don’t know best. All clients need to edit are the custom fields made available to them.

  2. There is no “best”. You will get dozens of different responses, all based on what people prefer to use, for personal reasons. So, use what does the job, and performs well. All pages builders work with Woocommerce.

  3. Stick to Elementor Pro and many of its add-ons.

    What them are you looking to use ? Because some themes are very well integrated with WooCommerce. Also please dont listen to the dont use pagebuilder crowd.

    on several of my sites, I use several Elementor Plugins and the site loads in 220 Milliseconds = 0.2 seconds. I can send you a link for you to see, so you dont say, i am blowing smoke up your behind.

    The people that criticize Page Builders, are panicking because it is taking away from their market share. (For the most part).

  4. Over the years I always customize Salient theme with WP Bakery. It’s amazing with pre build layouts and also have great speed optimization build in. Makes the dev from visual point super easy.

  5. Sounds like a client who should be using Shopify or Squarespace. But, my agency uses Beaver Builder with Beaver Themer, Woo Pack and PowerPack.

  6. It’s true that the best option will depend on many factors, but at least I can recommend avoiding Elementor – which is very popular but not good.

    It’s likely the client is out-of-date. Generally you can build the site and leave them to edit posts/products in gutenberg. If they want to edit pages too… Breakdance and Bricks have a built in ‘client mode’ for edit only (change text can’t change layout).

    Breakdance was built with WooC in mind and makes customising the store extremely easy. It’s also got some good templates, a nice builder and can create very slick sites quickly, with no bloat.

    Bricks has fewer templates (built in – they both have thousands you can buy) and is still finalising their WooC support (it’s there but will get better). It’s got some ‘slick’ built in, but is more focussed on dynamic sites – with lots of built-in ways to get data and show content only on conditions.

    They are both immeasurably better than elementor. But if the client doesn’t need scroll animations or much fancy stuff – GeneratePress is also excellent – especially now it has a built in class system.

    Otherwise – many like Kadence or Astra – I don’t – I find them ‘dense’ and cumbersome to work with (but I’m a code-first guy – I don’t want dozens of ‘wizards’ – I like my builder like and unobtrusive). But they have hundreds of templates and ‘make it easy for you’ elements for WooC.

  7. Woodmart is quite good. Best menu design options I’ve seen, dozens of demo designs, and they actually have a gallery showing off all their custom WPBakery block designs, making it quick and easy if you want to add designed blocks. And they’re still constantly updating and refining it. Downside is it can be a bit on the slow side, depending on your standards.

  8. Bricks does everything nice . GP pro also great with some premade templates and works better than elementor . Also if more than 60 variable products go for shopify .


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