Best way to disable toggling of folder pane?

Hi @gavin310,

You can use the wicked_folders_construct_screen_state filter to modify the screen state so the folder pane is always visible:

add_filter( 'wicked_folders_construct_screen_state', function( $state ){
$state->is_folder_pane_visible = true;
return $state
} );

You would still need to add your own CSS to hide the toggle button though as there currently isn’t a filter to disable the toggle (although we can certainly look into adding that).

I hope this helps!

Thanks a lot!

It would be a nice option to have in the plugin settings to simply disallow collapsing of the pane.

Thanks for the suggestion @gavin310. I’m going to mark this as resolved for now as there’s a workaround but have also noted it as a feature request and will get it added to the plugin.


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