betheme updation issue

hello, i recently took over this project from a client who purchased betheme multiple years ago. I have been requesting them to provide me with the purchase code so that i can utilise it for support forums and updating process. But my client has been insisting me that they dont have a purchase code as they didnt buy it from envato market but rather purchased it through wordpress. Was betheme previously available in wp-admin as a free version before turning into a paid only theme? Also i figured out that others who use betheme have a purchase code visible in their dashboard while i couldnt find any in my client’s wordpress. I have also attached a picture where i ran into errors, apparently the error can be easily solved by deregistering and registering but im not able to deregister as well.

Now, i have four options:

1. to make modifications to the current website and make it aesthetically look better(5 years old)

2)to find other pre-built websites under the same version of betheme (all themes are 5 years old as betheme’s current version im running is 5 years old)

3) use a free theme which is updated recently

4) build from scratch (im a beginner and im quite afraid about setting up a ecommerce page by myself)

I know my best bet is to get the purchase code but i highly doubt it exists :((

Please help, im stuck


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