Bilingual site without any plugins—HOW?

I am building a website for a friend as a favor and need to keep the cost as low as possible—really so that they don’t have to pay for anything but the domain.
The site needs to be in two languages. Is there any way of creating a bilingual website in the free version of WordPress?

  1. The cheapest way would be to install WordPress in multisite mode and either assign a subdomain (my choice) or sub-directory for each language. -> &

    You will effectively be manually synchronizing two sites content-wise, but you’ve got content in two languages anyway. And there are some free plugins that will make that task much easier.

  2. You can’t do this properly on free plan.

    Just get yourself some cheap, proper WordPress hosting (not .com) so you can use plugins.

  3. If by “free version” you’re referring to, then you’re in the wrong subreddit. We discuss the software here. For more information, check out this comparison: [](

    We use WPML multilingual plugin for the majority of our multilingual sites, but if you want to do it without multilingual plugins, you can try with the subdomains, e.g.

  4. Duplicate the homepage and change the slug to the 2nd language (i.e. /fr). Duplicate all the other pages as children of the duplicated homepage. Manually change the language of the duplicated pages.


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