BlueHost was almost free in the first year and now they want to charge me $ 182 for the second year. Can I pause my website and avoid payment?

I wasn’t aware that BlueHost would charge me a lot more after 1 year. So I feel a bit ripped off. I know I can cancel their services before they charge me, but can I keep my website on pause or anything for later use? I dont want to lose my website.

  1. You can’t really “pause” your website because you’d still use BlueHost resources and you have to pay for everything you use.

    I think the best option would be to back-up your entire website (web files and database) and save it locally. When you have the web files and the database (SQL dump), you can even import it in LocalWP so you can run the website locally and continue working on it.

    You could also switch to another (cheaper) host. A lot of them offer free migration.

  2. Once your services expire, they will wipe out your files. I don’t know about Bluehost, but some might keep a backup of your website in case you resubscribe in a certain amount of time. Also, your domain will eventually expire as well if you registered it with them and it’s included in the same plan.

    So, back up your website to either keep it or transfer it. Many hosts offer free transfer, but you could easily do it yourself too:

    * Install the UpdraftPlus plugin;
    * Create a backup of everything;
    * Download the files, which are archives (database, themes, plugins, uploads, others);
    * Install a fresh copy of WordPress on your domain, on your new host;
    * Install UpdraftPlus there;
    * Upload the backup files and restore them.

    UpdraftPlus is easy to use. Worked for me every time.

    For web hosts, I recommend Cloudways, SiteGround or Kinsta. Most web hosts are bad, some are even expensive on top.

  3. Never trust the price hosting companies show you for your first year. With few exceptions, they are always massively discounted. Their “true” price is the renewal price.

    If you are already on the lowest tier with BlueHost, time to move to a better hosting provider. BlueHost is owned by Newfold Digital, which used to be EIG. They have a well-earned reputation for buying up previously good hosting companies, then stripping these companies to the bone, and squeezing their customers. You can do better.

    You should have a good WordPress backup plugin already installed. If not, there are several good options. I use the free version of WPvivid, and it is excellent. Backup your website, save it locally. Get a new host. Not sure what your budget is, but I really like Cloudways, and they don’t play tricks with their pricing. Cloudways can help you migrate your site, or you can install the WPvivid plugin on a fresh WP install on Cloudways, then restore the backup from your BlueHost site, then change your DNS settings to use Cloudways.

    Also, please tell me you do not have your domain name registered with BlueHost. If so, fix that mistake first and move it to an independent domain name registrar like PorkBun or Cloudflare. Yes, it will be some work, but worth it in the end.

    You feel a bit ripped off because you sort of have been ripped off. Consider this a good lesson in how to set up your hosting, and how to protect your domain name and website.

  4. Find a different host. You can leave the domain with Bluehost (as domains usually cost the same-ish everywhere.

    Then on the new host just setup the DNS and nameservers with your domain and setup you site there.

    If that doesn’t make sense I’d recommend you hire a Dev who will do thos for you.

    Also, might be an option to just move to something like Squarespace where everything is included and you don’t need to worry about any of this


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