Borderline Criminal Behavior


With WordPress being mostly a do it yourself kind of platform, what drives me mad more than anything are sites like WPBeginner which gets millions of monthly hits that are suppose to show you how to do things in WordPress but 9/10 times, they recommend the wrong plugins for a job (Depending on who their affiliate marketing partners are) They rarely recommend the best plugins suited for a particular job, they recommend plugins that are what I consider rookie mistakes, In many ways they mislead you and don’t offer the best solution or offer solutions you don’t need. I understand they are there to make money but I think they make more harm than good and the worst thing they do is they never ever tell you about the conflicts you will have or the plugins shortcomings that will cause you serious issues. I say that from a point of view of an end user where there was a time where I was also a beginner and used them for guidance and now years later, I cringe on almost every blog I read on that platform.
Again, I don’t mean to pick on WPBeginner because other WordPress blogs that are huge, are also engaged in this deceitful behavior.
What are your opinions ?



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