1. Add invisible reCAPTCHA 3 and a hidden Honeypot form field. That should at least help.

  2. We usually use Gravity Forms + Gravity Forms Zero Spam it usually helps with this issue.

    I understand you might have a different plugin, if so, try using captcha on your form. Most Form plugins have an option for this.

    Another security measure could be to monitor the ip of the submitted forms and block those ips, or check if they are coming from an specific country and if it is not a country you target maybe block certain country traffic.

  3. What does everyone think of adding a field only a human can answer? For example, if you have a field that asks how many days are in a leap year, the submit button will only be revealed when 366 is typed into the input. I’ve seen this on a few websites.

  4. Use OOPSpam plugin. It supports Forminator plugin. If you are looking for a free option, then Turnstile.


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