Bought a premium plugin and It says my license is invalid.

I bought 2 years ago a plugin for premium functions. Now I started working again on my website.
The licence says”invalid”. I bought the lifetime license (but no updates after 1 year, but it still should work but without updates)

The plugin is still working but the problem is my settings disappeared. I can’t change anything. I have to change the settings I have done 2 years ago, It says when I activate my license the setting menu will be visible again.

Support didn’t answered yet. It’s the 3rd day now. But I expect when someone offers a service like this he should answer at least on the same day.

I am 95% done with my website but I really need this plugin to work.

Otherwise I have to pay again a other company for the same plugin

I know you guy could not help me with this problem. I just wanna tell what was happening maybe some other people can learn from my mistakes.

  1. Author could be out of the biz. If so, it’s still likely possible to edit the code where it checks for a license. If not by you, ask a wp programmer to take a look.

  2. >”I bought the lifetime license”

    I also bought many “lifetime” licenses, but we wrongly think it refers to our “lifetime.” This actually refers to the “plugin’s/theme’s lifetime,” meaning as long as it is supported and updated by its author(s).

    I had to learn that the hard way. That’s the biggest risk of these LTDs, I would say… some have very short “lifespan”, unfortunately, so we must try to put them in use as soon as we buy them.


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