Building AI MarTech Tool

Hello everyone,

I am a software developer, mainly do web development and currently trying to build a saas product in Marketing niche.

I am looking for a cofounder/partner who has already worked in the marketing industry and has in depth knowledge of the pain points and for what solutions clients are willing to pay.

I expect the person to have contacts and client base so that we can get initial beta testers or consumers really fast.

Right now is the time when a lot AI tech products are launching and I think it’s better to take advantage of this time than just working as an employee.

I built an automated SEO AI product but google’s algo updates are so hurtful I am not sure anymore if it would work.

But I’m open to suggestions.

Anyone who’s interested please let me know!

  1. sure i would love to parthner with you, would you be needing a website designer also?

  2. marketing expert to help pivot approach, identify market needs, and develop AI-driven solutions that provide lasting value to clients. industry insights will be crucial in creating a resilient and innovative product.

    do you also mean this?


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