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Hi, I tried scripting this spreadsheet formula manually, but I am not getting the correct result. I am converting this formula into your plugin’s script. With an interest rate of 3.99% (represented by my fieldname83) I expect to get a result of 0.003297693. Here is the excel formula:


Where B6 is my fieldname83

Here is how I am trying to write it for CFF:

POW(POW(1 + (fieldname83 / 2), 2), 1 / 12) – 1

The problem I am having is for a value of 3.99% for fieldname83, the CFF is returning a value of 0.20060312967 instead of 0.003297693, and I am at a loss to understand why. I suspect I am either bracketing incorrectly or I am misunderstanding the POW formatting – can you help?

Aha! Nevermind I forgot to convert the fieldname to a decimal by going fieldname83/100. Please Ignore, I figured it out.

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The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]


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