Calendar view showing last month


thank you for these great plugin that make the job since years.

I got a problem that happens when we are the first day of a month: the calendar shows the previous month. By the time I’m writting those lines, we are the february 1st and my calendar view shows january month. If i click on the next month arrow, it jumps to March (and skip february).

The same problem is mentionned here and here but there were apparently no fix proposed.

This bug does not appear if I switch the same calendar to the list view.

Regarding this last observation, it does not seem to come from a WP time setting (or calendar or server) otherwise the bug would happen in the list view as well.

If you edit this file:

and echo the $calendar->start, it display this date: current_day – 1 at 11am // very strange

I have succeed to temporary fix the bug by forcing this same property by the first day of the current month (after line 174):

$this->calendar->start = strtotime("first day of");

And it looks it works for my case. Has to be confirmed in the next days tho..

WordPress 6.4.3 with custom template
Plugin version 3.3.0

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