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Hi @efishinsea,

Thank you for getting in touch, we do appreciate your time.

Yes, this is possible in a few ways as we offer both an extendable JavaScript core, and various document events. For this example, I’ll showcase the event system as this is a bit simpler and more future-safe as it does not override any of the core modules.

Please see an example script below:

jQuery(($) => {
$(document.body).on('click.wpgmza', (event) => {
/* Check if the click originated from a marker */
if(event && && instanceof WPGMZA.Marker){
const marker =;
const map =;
const infowindow = marker.infoWindow;

/* Note, the infowindow might not be ready yet. We'd recommend a short timeout here, to allow it to initialize */
console.log(marker, map, infowindow);

As an alternative, you may prefer to simply listen for infowindow (popup) open calls, as seen below:

jQuery(($) => {
$(document.body).on('infowindowopen.wpgmza', (event) => {
/* Act on the info-window, you can also access data from the event object */
if(event && && instanceof WPGMZA.InfoWindow){
const infowindowElement =;
const infowindowMarker =;
const infowindowMap =;

console.log(infowindowElement, infowindowMarker, infowindowMap);

This second option may simplify the way you integrate with the plugin, as it will trigger whenever the popups are opened, instead of opening specifically on a marker click event.

I hope this helps?

My pleasure @efishinsea – Have a great day!


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