Can I pay a WordPress developer to review my site and polish it? Is that a thing?

I have a question: I have a professional website and blog I’ve been working on for about three months now: []( It’s like 90% done, and I’ve got plugins set up (some I’m not entirely happy with) and Yoast SEO and MonsterInsights, etc. set up. I also want three professional pics of me taken for places on my site, but wanted size/aspect ratio advice before getting them done.

However, there are some stubborn formatting and technical items that I’m a bit lost on and I would really love some expert advice. Is it a thing to engage the services of a WordPress developer to review each page on the site (and the site as a whole) to make changes/offer suggestions on what could be improved and things I may not be understanding? Like, I want it reviewed, but I also want to learn best practices and I’ve done wrong so I can learn. I don’t want to just be handed the finished product without understanding where I messed up. Is that a thing? If so, how would I go about engaging someone?


  1. Beth: Get your professional pics delivered in the highest resolution possible. You can always scale down an image to a web-friendly size. But its not just the size of images, but format that matters for site performance.

    What technical items are you stuck on?

  2. I’d be happy to help, if you’re interested. Feel free to message here or contact me through the links in my profile.

  3. Have a glance through the [pinned post]( you might find some information in there that’s useful. Especially the image optimisation and performance sections.

    I would ditch Yoast for Ranthmath or The SEO Framework. Monster insights isn’t really necessary either, if you opt for Rankmath, it will guide you through GA for you and you should just manage all your analytics through google analytics directly imho.

    I’ve helped a few redditors on this sub with similar requests for reviews on their setups and teaching them how to handle small fixes and optimisations and always happy to provide my two cents. Feel free to reach out if you need further help.


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