Can someone please tell me exactly which plugins I need for my wordpress Website?

This is my website (under development). It’s for my personal branding agency but I want to start blogging side by side related to my services. Apart from that, I want to integrate my substack newsletter on my site.
I want to put lead magnets on my website.
I also want to capture emails and build an email list. Apart from them, I was also thinking of adding a pop-up form to collect emails by directing them to my newsletter. So there would be 1 email and 1 newsletter. How do I do that?

I’m very confused on what plugins should I install? Please help me.

I have no idea how to do that.

Also, my website seems to be slow. I have installed 7-8 plugins on it following YT tutorials but still have no clue.

  1. for better speed you can use cache plugin |WP Super Cache| or |WP ROCKET|

    WP Rocket is Piad One not free.

  2. for integrate your substack newsletter to your site, you can do that with embed code,

    First, go to your Substack dashboard and find the embed code for your newsletter signup form. It’s usually located in the “Embed & Share” section. Copy the provided code snippet.

  3. Like u/TraditionalBison459 said, you can embed substack within the WordPress using the embed code. Should be easy to find on Youtube.

    Improving the speed of the website could be a number of different things. I would suggest WP Rocket as well or you can use Nitropack. You can get a lot more information on page speed through this [website](

    Let me know if you need anything else.


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