Can you make the visual editor default to tablet view rather than desktop? (also, change color scheme?)

Just switched over to Gutenberg finally, and I’m not a fan of the full-width desktop view in the editor. However, changing the “view” in the upper right to “tablet” produces a nice, “print preview” look that’s easier for me to write on.

However, I can’t find a way to make the editor *default* to the tablet view. It’s annoying to switch every time. And I can’t find the code that changes that view (or rather, can’t figure out where or how to change it permanently). Any ideas from the community here?

Separately, the tablet editor for whatever reason uses a dark-grey-on-light-grey color scheme that is not particularly readable. I can’t figure out where to change the CSS on this or switch it in the settings. Color scheme in profile does not affect it. Would be nice to tweak the colors here.

Edit: here’s an [image]( of a sample post in desktop view (left) and tablet view (right). I would like to have the B&W of desktop view in the narrower style of the tablet view, and for it to default to tablet. Since these can’t be customized that I can tell it must be hard coded somewhere so I can CSS hack it, and since switching to tablet is just a button, I thought perhaps I could trigger that event automatically or something. But if it’s too hard I’ll just deal with it.


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