Can you really hide WordPress completely?

Hey there! I tried a lot of plugins that claim to hide WordPress (and plugins) completely. Let’s put the reason for that aside, wether it doesn’t make sense at all, is great for security or just personal preference.

The plugins I used do a lot to hide WordPress, like changing paths, removing meta tags and such. But one look into the inspector and I saw classes like \` wp-site-blocks\` and the like. If you ask me to completely hide each hint about the technology being used you would also have to hash the css classes.

During my research though I wasn’t able to find a solution to achieve something like that.

Any solution to that or should I bury the idea to hide it completely?

  1. There is literally no reason to do that. No, it’s not for security. And it’d be very difficult to do due to the way plugins and themes work.

    Almost half of the entire internet uses WordPress – no one cares that you’re using it.

  2. Technically ,you could. But you don’t need to. And nobody really cares. Not even the hackers.

    Trying to hide the fact that you are using WordPress is a waste of your time entirely. Because literally nobody cares what software your website is using.

  3. Bury the idea. I’m not gunna say it’s absolutely impossible…but it is absolutely unreasonable. At that point you may as well just ditch WP or go headless.

  4. You could go the headless route, build a front end with Vue or React, and change the WP Rest API endpoint URLs, store all the static assets on a CDN. A lot of work just to hide the true nature of the site, but I suppose there’s always a use case no matter how unlikely


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