Can’t access Admin or the Site

I have used WordPress via Softaculous and I am just having issues all the sudden. I got a new domain to be my portfolio (let’s just call it, and even though I have not touched it in a while and it was working just fine, today I can’t access both the site or the admin. I do have another domain and that one seems to work fine (and the three subsidiary pages I made for uni projects).

I may have messed it up by removing it (not uninstalling it) from Softaculous records and later scanning (which got it back), but other than that it just does not want to work. I’m not sure the themes or plugins are the issue.

Sometimes I think this issue happens to with the working domain, where it says it’s unavailable, but it was mostly WordPress itself just being under maintenance and not really an actual page error tab telling me it must have gotten shut down or moved. So I wonder if it’s going to be like that with my newer one. I really hope so, I’ve been working on my break trying to make the portfolio.

I’ll try and make specifications to comments/screenshots if needed.

Something I will also note is accessing the site gives me ERR\_SSL\_UNRECOGNIZED\_NAME\_ALERT.

  1. You say you got a new domain. Did you change the site to the new domain from the old without updating the settings in WordPress?

  2. What happens when you go to []( ? – Presuming you know the login details then you should still be able to login. Note however that the SSL issue will not be helping so re-install that via cPanel.

    If you’re managing this through Softalicous i also assume you have full cpanel access and further assume you have access to phpMyAdmin? Softalicious is just an installer, when installed it will leave the site installed unless you have actually delete the files instead of removing from the wordpress management tool.

    You can reset the default admin passwords in there. Be careful in the database though and if you need step by step instructions i’ll write them down or get them from google / ChatGPT.

    We need more info though, as you suggested put some screenshots up.


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