Can’t book a room on my hotel site – VillaTheme

I am creating a test hotel site and have added the hotels and rooms to my website. I am using Villatheme.

If you go to this hotel (  or any hotel on the site, it does not allow you to add it to cart. Put in the dates and select update. Scroll down and if you click book it says Please select dates before adding this product to your cart.

Is anyone able to help? I am a complete novice with this. I got someone on Fiverr to create this site and they are no longer responding. Thanks

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  1. Sounds like a language conflict. BRB

    I stand corrected. The update function in the right sidebar isn’t updating the fields that the dev has hidden with display none, and so dates aren’t getting selected. There needs to be a function to connect the two essentially.

    The dev gave you back an incomplete site, likely cause they didn’t know how to do this portion. Ping me if you need help.


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