Can’t save ticket after upgrade

Hi @smoo ,

Thank you for reaching out.

I suspect there’s a conflict that’s causing the issue here. It would be good to test for conflicts. Could you follow the following steps?

  1. Deactivate all other plugins except for The Events Calendar Plugins.
  2. Switching to the Default theme.

Please read the Testing for Conflicts Article before doing anything. 

To be safe, we’d recommend conducting tests and updates on a Staging Server. Also, please keep a working backup of your website.

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Hi Tristan,

thank you for your reply. I’m taking a copy of the live site onto my dev server to test for conflicts. But in the meantime, there are several errors in the console: are these relevant?

Thanks again for any help you can provide

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Hi again,

I’ve just replicated the problem on my dev server, with only The Events Calendar and Event Tickets plugins active, while using the TwentyTwentyFour default WordPress theme.

The ticket still won’t save, just the ‘Start sale:’ input box becomes highlighted in a red border, like it needs that date to save, but adding a date doesn’t make any difference. It seems broken.

Any suggestions as to where to look next gratefully received!

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Hi @smoo

I’m glad you brought this to our attention; I can see how this issue impacts your ability to create tickets.

Our team is already aware of the issue, and we’ve created an internal ticket [ET-2103] to address it. I’ve included your specific use case in it to communicate it to our team.

We prioritize bugs by taking into consideration the number of users impacted as well as how the bug impacts one’s ability to run an event/sell tickets. I don’t have a specific timeline as to when this issue will be resolved, but trust that our team is aware. Our team communicates updates and bug fixes in our newsletter and via our changelog.

In the meantime, as a workaround, you can “Set start and end sale dates”.

I’m happy to help if any other questions are coming up around this topic, otherwise I’ll go ahead and close this ticket.

Thanks again for reporting this issue and for using The Events Calendar! Have a great day.

Internal Bug Ticket Reference: ET-2103


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