CLS litespeed, elementor, google fonts

I am having an issue with performance only on computers. Google fonts are causing a CLS with litespeed.

I am using a litespeed enterprise server, and their CDN.

Litespeed settings:
Font Display Optimization: Set to swap


Load CSS Asynchronously :On

Load Google Fonts Asynchronously: On

Font Display Optimization: Swap

My full settings: [](

Any input would be greatly appreciated. This seems to be a common issue on their support forum page for the plugin. I opened my second thread for this as the first time, I thought I solved it.

  1. I recommend checking out my pagespeed guide, should have everything you need for Litespeed Optimization Resources, Elementor Optimization and Font optimization. I’ve dedicated almost 6 years collecting all of the info, and it’s now 170 pages. The table of contents is the document outline, I recommend opening that since it’s content dense.

    Please let me know if anything is unclear or you need me to expand on something, happy to help.

    Edit: As to your CLS issue that is more likely related to images than fonts or LiteSpeed Webserver specifically, I’d imagine that’s either a misattribution or your font files are large and should be compressed and subset.

    There are a bunch of other font optimization tools and techniques listed in the guide that at the which at the very least should heavily mitigate the problem if it is related to LiteSpeed itself.

  2. Have you tried turning off the optimizations?

    If the layout shift is from the fonts changing size (hard to say for sure without seeing the site) then I’d set the font display to block rather than swap.


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