Complete nightmare trying to install an utilize any WooCommerce theme.

I decided to move from Shopify to WordPress and WooCommerce. I figure in this day and age I should be able to set up a simple e-commerce website that is somewhat aesthetically pleasing but more importantly functional for my needs and that of potential customers. Seems most “free” themes are highly unintuitive, require numerous plugins which are also unintuitive, you are unable to change basic elements either because it’s unsupported or because you need to purchase the Pro version. Endless diving into menus to hopefully find the section that allows you to change what you need, finding out that design elements are split up from WooCommerce section and general WordPress, not able to achieve anything even remotely possible like the design and features of what a theme is promoted as. At this point I am about to do a reinstall of WordPress and start all over again because my WordPress interface has become cluttered with the excess of failed theme installations (Spectra, SeedProd, ThemeHulk, Woostify, and numerous plugins) and I’m just fed up.

Not to mention the scenario of this theme requires such and such plugin that apparently cannot be downloaded and/or installed. Or the often convoluted process of getting some version of a template that actually has the design and features that attracted me to the theme in the first place. At this point I realize that obviously people have been able to build websites with these themes so I am wondering what exactly am I missing or not understanding? I am about to give up on WordPress and WooCommerce all together and seek out another option because I can’t seem to create a basic, pleasing, functional e-commerce website on this platform. Any help or insight appreciated.

  1. WordPress unlike shopfiy have many routes to get things done and the awordpress/wop experience varies depending on your coding knowledge and experience with the software it self.

    Having said that Storefront is a basic theme which offers some customisation but works to get a decent store up and running without much tinkering. Even the standard 2024 theme will get your store up and running without an issue.

    You’ve said a fair bit about plugins and themes and their issues but what exactly is missing functionality wise? Or what is it that you are having trouble with implementing?

    If you are just looking for an out of box solution that does everything including proper style customisations then you are going to have to invest in a pro theme.

    I hardly deal with themes these days but the ones you mentioned are not themes I would touch for a woocommerce build. A theme like XSTORE comes jam packed with everything you could need for most configs and the support and documentation etc is pretty decent. It is also a one off buy and pretty affordable for what it is. Plenty of child themes to choose from as well.

    If you aren’t very code savvy you can also invest in a page builder (Bricks,Divi, Elementor etc.). Peoples opinions on them differ wildly but if it gets the job done for you then that’s really all that matters.

    The other alternative is an option like Yellow Pencil or Microthemer that allows you to point and click visually to change styling without much css knowledge. This however only addresses the styling not functionality. So best let us know what you are trying to do so we can advise better.

  2. I guess I’m confused why you went from a platform tailor-made for small online stores to a platform that is a content management system with solutions to add store functionality. The latter is not necessarily focused on providing an easy way to get up and running. It is powerful but needs solid hosting and intermediate WordPress knowledge.

    If I were you, and you’re committed to working with WP, I’d check out the many good WooCommerce WP tutorials on YouTube.

    And if you’re a store, a business, it is wise to invest in tools that are going to allow you to look good and work well for customers. Free themes are best for simple, personal blogs.


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