Confused about hosting?

Hi everyone, i’m a very confused intern and running into a problem now. I have made a website on STRATO using WordPress as a web app. this is the part I’m good at and had instructions for at school.
Now comes the hard part (for me, for you lads this is probably hilarious).

I have a WordPress site on a subdomain for my actual domain. My dumb ass got the regular hosting package instead of the WordPress hosting package and now i don’t know if i can still host my WordPress site or how to host my WordPress site on my actual domain.

TL;DR : I created a wordpress site trough strato web app without having wordpress hosting package. How to host wordpress site on my actual domain/ fix?

Please help me lol
web design noob

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  1. You can just install a backup plugin on the sub domain and export. Then install WordPress on the main domain and import.
    I use the updraft plus plugin.


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